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    Montessori Hedgehog Pairing Toy

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    Introducing the Montessori Hedgehog Pairing Toy from Koala Lane – your child’s key to skill development!

    Spike, the friendly Hedgehog needs your child's help to recover his lost quills, and the journey promises to be filled with skill-building and discovery.


    FINE MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Watch in amazement as your child builds hand muscles and fine motor skills by placing the peg-shaped "quills" into the holes on Spike's back. It's a hands-on experience that enhances dexterity and coordination.
    COUNTING, SORTING, AND COLOR RECOGNITION: Spike's colorful quills offer endless opportunities for learning. Your child can arrange the quills by warm or cool colors, create sequences and patterns, or even count them with the help of numbers printed on Spike's back. It's a playful way to reinforce counting, sorting, and color identification skills.

    EASY-TO-GRASP QUILLS: Designed with little hands in mind, Spike's quills are just the right size for your child to hold comfortably. Your child will feel confident and capable as they manipulate the quills during play.
    CONVENIENT CLEANUP AND STORAGE: When playtime comes to an end, cleanup is a breeze. The quills fit snugly inside Spike's body, making storage a snap. The pieces are made of easily wipeable plastic for added convenience.

    Suitable Ages: 18+ months

    Package Includes:
    Two-Piece Hedgehog
    12 Quills  

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