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    Baby Fidget Spinner with Suction Cup

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    Introducing the Baby Fidget Spinner with Suction Cup from Koala Lane – designed to captivate your child's attention and foster essential skills while providing hours of entertainment!


    VIBRANT & ENGAGING: Watch your child's eyes light up with delight as they play with this captivating fidget spinner toy. Its bright colors and cute cartoon figure are designed to attract and hold kids' attention, ensuring hours of joyful playtime.

    MESMERIZING ROTATION: As it spins, the vibrant colors and patterns come to life, captivating your child's senses, and keeping them engaged for up to 2 minutes with each rotation.
    SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Beyond the fun and charm, our spinner toy serves as a valuable tool for your child's development. It cultivates concentration and enhances hand-eye coordination, helping your child grow and learn while having a blast.

    SAFE & DURABLE: Crafted with utmost care, our Baby Fidget Spinner Toy is made from high-quality ABS plastic material, guaranteeing smooth edges. We've also used food-grade soft silicone, ensuring it's gentle on your child's delicate hands. Further, our spinning toy is painted using environmentally friendly lead-free glossy colors. Rest easy knowing it contains no harmful substances, making it completely safe for your precious one.
    INCREDIBLE SUCTION POWER: Our spinner toy features a robust PVC suction cup that can easily adhere to smooth surfaces like walls, glass, bathtubs, and more. This unique feature allows your child to explore new horizons for play, encouraging creativity and imagination.
    VERSATILE FUN: Whether flicked with fingers or stuck to various surfaces, our Suction Cup Spinner Toy promises long-lasting rotation and endless fun. It's perfect for play on walls, floors, dining tables, car windows, bathtubs and more.

    Suitable Ages: 18+ months

    Package Includes:
    3 Baby Fidget Spinners

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