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    Baby Feeding Bottle With Spoon™ (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!)

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    BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Limited time only.

    Introducing the Baby Feeding Bottle with Spoon from Koala Lane - your solution to hassle-free, mess-free feeding on-th-go and at home. 


    BPA-FREE MATERIAL: Our baby feeding bottle is made of food-grade silicone, ensuring your baby's safety and health with every bite.
    TEETHING DISCOMFORT: Our bottle's soft silicone base helps soothe your baby while making feeding a comfortable experience.
    SMOOTH TRANSITION: Whether your baby is transitioning from formula to solids or simply exploring new flavors, our feeding bottle makes the journey smoother. Its dual functionality eases the adjustment, allowing your little one to embrace changes in their diet with minimal resistance.
    VERSATILE NUTRITION: From rice paste to soups, juices, and beyond, this feeding bottle with spoon offers versatility like no other. Now you can provide your baby with the nutrition they need, effortlessly.
    LEAK-PROOF: Say goodbye to messy leaks and spills. Our feeding bottle's ingenious design ensures that each meal is delivered with precision, minus the mess. Plus, the included protective cover makes it perfect for on-the-go adventures.

    ONE-HANDED WONDER: As a parent, your hands are often full. That's why our bottle with spoon is designed for one-handed feeding, allowing you to effortlessly dispense food while tending to your baby's needs.

    EASY MAINTENANCE: Cleaning up after feeding sessions is a breeze. Our feeding bottle with spoon is dishwasher-safe, or you can opt for a quick hand wash in hot water – ensuring you spend less time cleaning and more time bonding with your little one.
    THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The soft, transparent bottle not only makes feeding visually easy but also doubles up as a storage solution in the fridge. Store milk, medicine, breakfast food, fruit juice, and more with confidence. 

    color: white, pink, green, blue
    size: 19.5x5.5cm
    capacity: 90mL

    Package Includes:
    1 Baby Feeding Bottle with Spoon 

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